Storever provides customized brand video solutions so you can create your own Instore TV Network.

We produce, manage and broadcast striking video content which makes it easy for you to communicate in a modern and impressive way.

Service Features

  • Creation of top notch video contents by experienced motion designers who are at your disposal
  • Professional Photo & Video shootings to ensure your customers experience a high level motion experience
  • Simple usage of our Online Content management system which allows you to get your contents faster, easier and more reliable on your screens than ever before
  • Broadcasting of your brand videos, campaigns or promotions via our excellent digital signage system
  • Professional Media Player Technology
  • Project Management

Companies that match their brand to music are 96 % more likely to be remembered

Study conducted by Leicester University, UK in 2008



Enhance the attention of your clients in your store with creative video marketing.


Create more visual emotions at the point of sale to build a stronger client relationship.


Increase the value of your brand and thereby the conversion rate in your shops.


About Storever

Established in 2003 under the brand MusicMatic, Storever develops and offers digital audio, video and mobile solutions for sales networks. Storever offers each company the power of a real in-store communication media channel.


Storever Belgium SPRL
Boulevard International 55 K
1070 Brussels

+32 (0)2 539 07 11

+32 (0)2 539 07 12

Hotline:+32 (0)2 533 99 45

© 2017 - MusicMatic SPRL

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