About us

About Us

Storever is an international agency and service provider covering instore brand music, digital signage, interactive solutions and audiovisual equipment for retail brands. Thanks to the deployment of Storever Solutions your brand will benefit from:

  • More Sales
  • More Customers
  • More Attraction

Today our tailor-made digital media solutions are deployed in 14.000 stores of 170 brands in 60 countries.


We Cover all Competences:

  • Audio & Video Content
  • IT
  • Client Service
  • Support
  • Installation
  • Content Design
  • Equipment


Established since 2003
Teams in several European countries
Since 2012 a subsidiary in China
Solutions for several thousand outlets in 60 countries


About Storever

Established in 2003 under the brand MusicMatic, Storever develops and offers digital audio, video and mobile solutions for sales networks. Storever offers each company the power of a real in-store communication media channel.


Storever Belgium SPRL
Boulevard International 55 K
1070 Brussels

+32 (0)2 539 07 11

+32 (0)2 539 07 12

Hotline:+32 (0)2 533 99 45

© 2017 - MusicMatic SPRL

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