Storever, in-store media creator

With audio, video and interactive solutions, Storever enhances your in-store communication to boost sales and transform your store into a unique space.

  • Stimulate the senses and build positive emotions
    in your store!

  • 72% of people agree that a store that plays good music
    is more appealing.

  • Each client’s purchasing experience
    should be unique.

  • 75% of purchasing decisions
    are made at the point of sale.

  • 45% of people tend to recommend
    a shop that plays music


Your needs

  • A music program in tune with the values of your business
  • A brand radio that broadcasts your advertising to customers
  • Videos played in-store to entertain, inform and promote
  • Mobile interaction with your clientele
  • Technical installations, an audio/video/interactive facelift for your shop
  • Commercialisation of your sound space


Storever develops solutions for music distribution specific to retail outlets.

Audio quality, automatic programme updates, reporting of "online" broadcast – Storever solutions are plug & play and easy to integrate into your existing IT systems.

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Storever creates the ideal musical environment for your store: a music programme designed by a specialist producer to communicate the values of your brand.
Your music programme is updated daily and is perfectly tailored to your clientele and to the time they spend in your store.
The aim of Storever is to build a positive experience for customers visiting your store and to increase your customers’ purchasing comfort

Brand radio

Storever builds you a complete in-store audio advertising medium: a custom-made music programme, along with dynamic audio promotion.
Special offers, services, brand jingles, competitions, health topics, etc. Storever employs its unique know-how to create radio clips that connect with your customers and make your business a more appealing place to shop.
Storever is creative, fast and proactive, and puts its experience to your advantage to communicate with your prime audience: your customers.


Storever offers you the world’s largest selection of royalty-free music.

Playing music from this catalogue will enable you to make significant savings on the payment of your performing rights fee to PRS/ASCAP/SACEM/SABAM/GEMA etc.

The Jamendo programme:

  • A library of over 120,000 titles
  • Talented artists for your quality in-store radio channel
  • A certificate specifying that you have no fees to pay to any performing rights organisation
  • Fair-trade music that pays 50% of the purchase price directly to the artists
  • And above all, significant savings per store for your annual budget.


Storever offers you the possibility of additional income through its advertising service.

Your shops are strategic hubs where advertisers and your suppliers wish to get their message heard.

By playing an advert in your shop, you connect with a recognised target, right there where they do their buying.

With the right scheduling in your audio/video programme, advertising boosts sales and promotes all of the content available in your shop (offers, services, corporate, etc.)

The experience of Storever helps reduce the overall costs associated with creating your brand radio or TV channel with revenue from the sale of your new advertising space.

Storever develops customised video-playing solutions and its graphic design team are at your service to design your own in-store graphics. Storever can advise you in identifying and installing the ideal video solution for your shop. In selecting and/or updating content, for example, or proposing the right number, positioning and screen size of video monitors, Storever addresses the issues that enable you to manage installation costs and reach your communication goals.


Our services & solutions

  • A single video player that plays a simultaneous programme of music AND a range of video content
  • Centralised broadcast management that also allows for different content from one shop to another
  • A solution that requires no costly cable installation – uses Wi-Fi or electricity networks
  • In-house graphic design studio and team for rapid response
  • In-house specialised technical service and helpdesk for in-store installation


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Storever develops interactive mobile applications that enable customers to receive information on their mobile.

Send offers, adverts, information, etc. via the technology we implement to enable online communication with your customers.

Interactivity allows each consumer to be better informed about what he/she is buying and at the best price.


Our services & solutions

  • Development of applications on iPhone and Android OS
  • Development of mobile sites for all smartphones
  • SMS platform that enables you to manage your own campaigns
  • Installation of QR Code (Code 2D) systems on all media
  • Loyalty campaigns
  • Monetisation of the application

Providing equipment and a new look for your stores, Storever technical personnel offers you a wide choice of professional audio and video equipment for your sales outlets.


  • Solutions are specifically designed to satisfy the particularities of broadcasting in your shops (intensive use, connectivity, local control of solutions, etc.)
  • Expertise applied in several thousand sales outlets. For a single outlet or for a chain of shops, we can provide a fast and precise quote.


We address all the relevant issues relating to security requirements, cabling vs. Wi-Fi, visible areas, etc., that enable effective cost control.

Case Studies

Listen to our expertise






Auto sales

Supermarket Restaurants Luxury Auto sales Banks Fashion


"…Music scheduling in a supermarket at 10 a.m. on a Monday is not the same as at 4 p.m. on a Saturday. It also serves as an advertising medium for brands available in the supermarket…”


"…In a fast-food restaurant, for example, the music programme will be made up of recent hits and popular mainstream songs…"


"…The musical environment should convey a comfortable and refined atmosphere, with mainly instrumental music, suggesting relaxed, exotic locations, virtually transporting the customer…"

Auto sales

"…The showroom should be a friendly place where the musical atmosphere is familiar to the client. Programming here is a careful balance between contemporary music and regular tempo that generates a feeling of well-being and refinement…"


"…There is a balanced music programme available for this type of premises: instrumental music only, with a gentle-to-moderate tempo that is nonetheless recent. The sound should remain close to the corporate image of the brand…"


"…The essential element is a modern climate built on a schedule of female artists from the charts over the past 18 months, so that the customer’s impression is of a young and trendy environment…"

Listen to a sample of scheduling for this type of location


We serve more than 160 brands throughout the world 

in over 40 countries.

About Storever

Established in 2003 under the brand MusicMatic, Storever develops and offers digital audio, video and mobile solutions for sales networks. Storever offers each company the power of a real in-store communication media channel.

With mature data-transmission technologies, powerful hardware and a proprietary suite of software, Storever is able to manage a unique platform that builds and broadcasts hundreds of programmes in real time.

Thanks to its position and its innovative broadcast solutions, Storever today manages several thousand outlets in over 40 countries.

Storever has teams in several European countries. And the success story continues: at the beginning of 2012, a new subsidiary opened in China!

Jamendo and Radionomy are part of the Storever group and offer exceptional musical synergy.

Our teams are at your service in the following countries


MusicMatic SAS
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MusicMatic Belgium SPRL
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MusicMatic España SL
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MusicMatic Deutschland GmbH
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60314 Frankfurt/Main - DE
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137 Julu Lu, 6/F, Room A
200020 Shanghai - China
Tel : +86 21 3376 7765
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